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Planning is not guessing, planning is training

What planning is and how to do it properly has been driven by our need to manage time. But that's not what planning is all about. Time is not something we can manage; time is something we spend. Planning helps us decide how we spend time. But first, we need to understand what planning is.
Mar 15, 2021


What you didn't know about Kaizen but always wanted to

If you've never heard of the term, it is time you learned what Kaizen is and what it can do for you. Kaizen is a form of productivity that makes you better, all the time, every time, forever. It is a self-improvement system.
Mar 8, 2021


The Primary Principles of Productivity Everyone Should Know

Ever wonder how successful people manage to accomplish so much in so little time? They achieve high levels of performance by understanding the primary principles of productivity. The principles passed down to us from ancient times.
Feb 20, 2021


What we really need is help with planning, not management

Project Management apps have become too bloated and are failing to solve the problem that people actually need help with.
Dec 19, 2020


How to make effective decisions?

There are many ways to make decisions and each person has their own process. One thing that can help you make effective choices is planning. Read on to learn how to do it well.
Dec 16, 2020


5 Steps to Effective Meetings

Who doesn't want to have effective meetings? Especially now, in the age of virtual office, our meetings have become too cumbersome. In order to be more productive, save time and enjoy your work, cut out the unnecessary meetings.
Dec 16, 2020

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