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How rendering partials can slow your Rails app to a crawl

Partials are great. They help with code reusability and keep you sane on those large projects with many moving parts. But they are also a curse. A small one, but one that can get big quickly.
Apr 5, 2021


Tech and Tips Thursday: Loading Javascript, Fun With Linux, On Systems

This is the third edition of our Tech and Tips Thursday series. Today we will be talking about loading javascript files in your browser, having fun with a couple of Linux commands and exploring the idea of complex systems using Gall's Law.
Mar 25, 2021


Introducing ViewComponent - The Next Level In Rails Views

First, there were partials. Partials were good. They helped us create amazing views. They helped us reuse existing code. And they helped us stay sane (code-wise). Then they made everything slow. Enter ViewComponent, the saviour, the messiah, the greatest thing since - the partials.
Mar 23, 2021


Tech and Tips Thursday: Concerning, Sorting and Planning

Second Edition of our Tech and Tips Thursday series. Today we're talking about creating a concern for loading objects in your controller, exploring an easy-to-use drag 'n' drop library, and discussing how to plan your work better.
Mar 11, 2021


Building Boardly: The Drag 'n' Drop experience and some variants

Continuing our series on how we built Boardly, in this article we will talk about how we integrated Dragula, made it work with turbo streams, and set on a path to making Boardly mobile friendly.
Mar 1, 2021


Tech and Tips Thursday - First Edition

We would like to introduce to you our first edition of Tech and Tips Thursday, a bi-weekly tech and tips article on various software development, technology and productivity topics.
Feb 25, 2021


Building Boardly: How we decided to try out Hotwire

How we decided to try out Hotwire and why we ended up with our Boardly app.
Feb 22, 2021


Exploring Hotwire, the new approach to building responsive web applications

If you thought that React was overkill and building the whole UI in javascript was not a good idea, then you've been waiting for Hotwire for a long time.
Feb 11, 2021

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