What we really need is help with planning, not management

What we really need is help with planning, not management

Project Management apps have become too bloated and are failing to solve the problem that people actually need help with.
It seems, there are a million project management apps. Basecamp, Asana, Monday.com, Wrike, Todoist, ZenProject, MS Project, Jira, and many others.

All of these applications are designed to solve a particular problem. The problem of organizing and managing complex work with multiple people.

However, the jobs that people hire these products for are often different from the general one described above. Why?

Because, in their daily work activities, people come across many different problems and tasks that they might need to solve. And these problems aren't often directly related to organizing and managing complex work. They might be simple like sending an email or complex like organizing an event.

Many project management apps try to be all things to everyone and often they become none to all (people simply stop using them).

Some apps are successful because they specialize. For example, Jira was a specialized project management app for Software Development teams who want to use the Agile method of managing their work. Because it was specialized, it is often hired for that very specific job.

Todoist was another specialized tool. People used to hire it only for task management and nothing else. It was successful. But because it was successful it lost its touch. It started to become a more generalized project management app to compete with everyone.

 A lot of tools are going this way. Jira had decided that to make things "better", it should include tools for road mapping, help desk. As a result, Jira's interface has become less usable and functionality has become overburdening.

Specialized tools often win because they are designed and are hired for specific jobs. And they do them well.

TeamHQ is a specialized tool to help you and your team plan your work weeks. At its heart are planning boards. A planning board is a place where you can organize all the tasks that you need to be done this week. It is simple, tasks at the top are urgent and important, tasks in the middle are important and anything at the bottom is "we'll get to it if we have time" variety.

You can plan up to four weeks in advance.  So you'll always know where you stand and what you need to do.

You can create one board per team, one board per product or one board for the whole department.  In TeamHQ, Planning cycles can be one week, two, weeks, 3 weeks or 3 months. We call them sprints, and they help you organize your tasks the way you normally think about work, on a weekly or monthly basis. 

For those who want to organize their tasks into projects, we provide that option.  But TeamHQ is not designed for project management. It's a work planning software because what we need most is a plan, not a management method.