How to make effective decisions?

How to make effective decisions?

There are many ways to make decisions and each person has their own process. One thing that can help you make effective choices is planning. Read on to learn how to do it well.
There are many books written on how to make decisions. Mathematicians have created mathematical formulas, engineers have developed decision trees and productivity gurus have devised ingenious methods with exotic names.

And I believe these methods work for the people that invented them. I, on the other hand, like things a bit simpler.

This is not something I have just discovered. It took me years of trying the above methods, reading books, etc.  It all made sense when I thought about it.  But as the saying goes, things that work in theory may not work in practice.

Putting theories aside, I realized that the only way to figure out how to make effective decisions was to actually start making them and trying things out.

After two years of experimentation (no more books or theories), I have realized that the key to making an effective decision has been in front of my eyes all along. It's as simple as planning.

To make effective decisions,  you just have to start planning. We all know it, instinctively. The ancients knew it. But we often fail to appreciate the simplicity. Instead, we chose the complicated or complex solution because it looks or sounds better.

So for the sake of simplicity...

How to make effective decisions?

Step 1: Plan your month
Step 2: Plan your week
Step 3: Plan your day

It's a simple as that. When you plan, you get a different perspective on the work that you need to get done. You have eliminated uncertainty to some degree and are better equipped to make decisions.