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Plan and Communicate Your Goals

Get everyone on the same page by creating clarity and transparency around your strategy.

  • Create and share roadmaps with your teams
  • Add a roadmap goal and measure progress with objectives and milestones
  • Hit every goal, make your team a resounding success

Organize your projects

Organize your projects into categories, set due date, add a project deliverable, and create tasks lists.

  • Assign tasks, add due dates, record notes
  • Upload files, discuss project progress, complete projects
  • Customize your projects with taskflows

Define your work for the week

Use boards to plan which tasks you need to get done each week. Prioritize based on urgency and importance.

  • Plan sprints, prioritize tasks, organize your team's backlog
  • Combine multiple projects on one board to see the full picture
  • Use our planning automation to make your work flow

Plan with confidence

TeamHQ connects your goals and your team's work so that everyone is going in the same direction.

Get Your Team On Board

Work with your team in one place and keep everything upto date.

  • Inivite your team and get them on board quickly
  • Assign team members to projects, boards and roadmaps
  • Keep critical work private, allow access on per project, board or roadmap basis

See What's On Your Plate

Understand what work needs to be done each week in My HQ

  • See weekly agenda for next two weeks every time your log in
  • Bookmark imporant boards, projects and roadmaps
  • Get the daily digest in your email every day

Keep Your Calendars Synced Up

Use built-in TeamHQ calendar to see which tasks is due soon or sync it with your own calendar.

  • Every task that you can see with a due date in one place
  • Sync your calendar with Google, Outlook or Apple Mail
  • Understand who's working on what and when

Get Insights Into Your Work

Understand which projects your team worked on each week.

  • See where work is happening
  • Understand where your team's effort is spent
  • Get the full workload breakdown

Plan with confidence

TeamHQ connects your goals and your team's work so that everyone is going in the same direction.

Brainstorm Tasks

Use our brainstorming feature to quickly add all your tasks. Organize them later.

See All Task Details

Task Name, description, subtasks, comments, assignee, status, due dates and more. All in one place.

Keep Tabs With Notifications

Catch up on what's been done without having to bug your team.

Save Related Project Notes

Discuss project details and keep all notes in one place. All easily accessible by your project team

Ideas are easy. Execution is everything. It takes a team to win.

John Doerr, Chairman of Kleiner Perkins

Help Your Team Win

Start with a roadmap, create a list of tasks and plan on a TeamHQ board