TeamHQ For Product Management
TeamHQ for Product Management

The ultimate planning
platform for product

TeamHQ is the single platform for your whole team to plan, develop and launch your product.

Start with a Product Roadmap

A product starts with an idea, but succeeds with a roadmap.
TeamHQ makes it easy to create roadmaps that everyone on your team can follow.

Getting started is easy

Start planning your work with TeamHQ.

Organize Your Projects

Managing your backlog is hard, especially if it's just a long list of tasks. TeamHQ is designed to help you organize your backlog into projects.

Plan and do you work

Use boards to plan which tasks your team needs to get done each week. You can easily prioritize and track status of your tasks.

Complete the Circle

Evaluate your roadmap's success, capture dos and don'ts, learn and improve. With TeamHQ you can complete your roadmap and record its outcome to help you make better future decisions.

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See The Full Backlog.

This is a full backlog of a TeamHQ Board. All tasks from projects connected to this board can be seen here.

Boards can have tasks from multiple related projects. TeamHQ can help you easily manage the backlog and
understand which tasks are in the pipeline and which are not.

Free Planning Guide

Our guide to planning is a perfect starting off point on your road to success.