TeamHQ For Software Engineering
TeamHQ for Software Engineering

The ultimate software planning platform

TeamHQ is the most effective planning platform for your whole team to plan, develop and launch your software.

Pain Free Software Planning

Your team needs to track new ideas, existing features updates, maintenance chores, and bugs.
TeamHQ has you covered. Organize your related work into projects and put them on one board.

One Board, Multiple Related Projects

Each team can use a board to complete a variety of tasks. Development, DevOps, Bugs, etc.
TeamHQ makes it easy for you split the work into logical boards. Dekstop App, Mobile, Support etc.

Getting started is easy

Start planning your work with TeamHQ.

Manage Task Details

Add comments, subtasks, estimate time, add due dates, and assign tasks. TeamHQ lets you take full control of individual pieces of your work

Brainstorm your tasks

Use our brainstorming feature to quickly add all your tasks. Organize them later.

Full Backlog In One Place

See all backlog tasks on the board is one place, organized by project. Understand what tasks are in already in sprints and what work is still in planning stages.

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